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About Us

Like many of you out there, we believed that the honey we consumed was pure and nutritious but sadly, that is not the case. Honey has been a key target of profit-driven adulteration for years and we aim to change that trend. With unwavering ethics and morals, we hope to make a small difference in the right direction and that is why we ventured into Beekeeping in 2019 in Dehradun. Since then, we have taken an oath to provide our consumers with the assurance and delivery of pure quality honey.

Nutreebee offers natural, pure, unprocessed, and unfiltered honey. We continuously strive to adhere to stringent norms in the production, sieving, and packaging of our honey. Our wide selection of floral honey is suggestive of our conscious and specific flowering process that entails placing beehive boxes when flowers are in full bloom. We offer Acacia, Wildflower, Multiflora, Tulsi, Sunflower, Jamun flavors along with our premium Forest Flora honey. We strive to deliver these flavors to our esteemed customers to free them of their limitations to buying sugary, innutritious, and non-flavored honey for years.

We’re committed to providing the finest honey to be enjoyed in households across the country and beyond. We’ve been doing it that way since the inception of Nutreebee. It’s our sincere and genuine effort to deliver honey from the beehive to our consumers simply after sieving and bottling it. Our honey speaks for itself as it is unheated, unadulterated, and retains all its vital nutrients without the addition of any artificial flavors. We proudly claim and fulfill our goal of delivering the best, natural, and pure honey to our cherished customers.

Core Values:
We follow ethical business practices to make available top-quality honey to our customers. Wellness, Sustainability, and environmental responsibility are of prime concern to us.